How the Celtics Won the Luka-Tatum Matchup  in Game 2

Luka Doncic scored 32 points in Game 2, showing improved efficiency compared to his performance three nights earlier.

Despite Doncic's efforts, Jayson Tatum's defense helped the Celtics maintain control, leading to their 2-0 series advantage.

The Celtics' ball movement increased to 300 passes per 24 minutes, enhancing their offensive efficiency and creating better shot opportunities.

Dallas's ball movement decreased to 260 passes per 24 minutes, limiting their offensive effectiveness compared to previous playoff rounds.

Tatum's defensive presence on Doncic screens disrupted Dallas’s offensive rhythm, contributing to Boston’s dominant performance in Game 2.

Tatum's frequent switches on Doncic screens resulted in the Mavericks scoring just four points on ten opportunities.

Jayson Tatum set a career-high with 29 drives in Game 2, aggressively attacking the basket and challenging Doncic's defense.

Celtics targeted Doncic in crucial moments, scoring 10 points on four consecutive possessions to gain a decisive lead.

Tatum assisted on 27 points, showcasing his playmaking ability and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Celtics' defensive strategy involved increased help on Doncic, forcing Dallas to rely on less effective shooters.